looking for a wedding photographer

If you are looking for a wedding photographer , the first question that one has to do is : What am I looking for? I need a photographer who face traditional photos ? Or do I want a photographer wedding photographs reportage style ? It ' hard to understand what you really need , because even those who marry is almost always the first experience . And so often does not have the tools to make the right choices for their needs . For example, if you decided to getting married in Italy , perhaps it is best to book an Italian photographer . This is because surely know well the places chosen by you chosen for the ceremony and reception , and if you do not know them will definitely have a way to go and visit them before the wedding . Often there are those who have the need to choose both the wedding photographer and video : they are both tools to document your wedding day , and have very different purposes although similar . In fact the video , unlike the photos , has the ability to capture the sounds , and then to convey the emotions that the photos will miss . So the advice I can give you if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding day is to book a photographer for weddings Italian . For example, if you getting married in Florence , look for a photographer for wedding in Florence . And make sure it is actually a photographer of Florence . Often many photographers moving from region to region , and I think it is always better not to risk to move a photographer who may live hundreds of miles you drive from Florence . It is likely that it can have problems during the trip and at the same time will increase costs due to travel costs .