Locations for your Wedding in Tuscany

As a wedding photographer in Tuscany I have seen several towns where weddings are held, and I must say that Certaldo Alto is among my favorites. Time seems to have stopped in this Medieval town where red is the overriding color, as most of the buildings are made with red bricks. The old center is really tiny: the main street leads directly to the Palazzo Pretorio, the town hall where both civil and symbolic weddings can be held. This lovely building allows you to get married in a cozy courtyard, perfect for intimate weddings with about 40 guests. A large wooden gate leads to the courtyard and there is even an ancient wishing well in the back.

Despite being more crowded with tourists compared to Certaldo, San Gimignano is another Medieval town that was able to keep its historical aspect thanks to the several towers still perfectly preserved and marking the landscape even from a distance. San Gimignano, the Medieval town located between Siena and Firenze, offers several options to celebrate your Tuscan wedding. Other than the Palazzo Comunale, the town hall with its beautiful frescoed walls, several churches within the city walls offer the possibility to get married with a Catholic wedding.

The Abbey of San Galgano is another venue I want to recommend, I am sure you will be fascinated by the story behind it. Galgano was a knight who received a call from God: after the vision, Galgano decided to plant a cross. Since he had no way to make one of wood, he planted his sword in the ground. The sword is said to have immediately become one piece with the ground so that nobody could remove it, just like the legend of King Arthur. Today the Abbey is the roofless skeleton of a church, but still in good conditions and incredibly imposing. It’s been deconsecrated for a long time therefore you can celebrate your civil wedding here, and it will be an outdoors wedding since the roof has collapsed hundreds of years ago. A fascinating place exuding history that will bring you back in time.

The town of Monteriggioni, a stone’s throw from Siena, is a magic place, perfect for your Tuscany wedding. The Medieval town is surrounded by perfectly intact walls and it is located on top of a hill surrounded by vineyards. Monteriggioni was already a town during the Roman and Etruscan times, and it was an important trade and travel hub due to its position. Its ancient name was “Mons Regionis” (the mountain of the region) and was marked by its 14 watch towers still perfectly preserved

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