Italian couples weddings and marriages of foreign couples: different choices and different cultures

There are so many differences between an Italian wedding and a foreigner, but the thing that most strikes me is the management and the choice of locations. The classic Italian couple for example, builds a classic path thus formed: preparation of the bride at your home, church ceremony or civil on town hall, photos of the exterior and reception in villa. This means various moves, even by several miles, and often involving over 100 people between guests and parents. Sometimes then they want to take their pictures in a place opposite the Church path villa, with further loss of time and stress. The foreign pair instead, almost always prefer, whenever possible, do everything in the villa: symbolic ceremony, perhaps in the garden of the villa itself, or religious ceremony in the chapel attached to the aperitif and the wedding party in the villa. With my experience as a photographer of weddings in Tuscany I saw many foreign couples doing everything in the same place. Such as the Castello di Gabbiano, often destination chosen by foreign couples, which has a small chapel for the religious ceremony. Often within the area there are the apartments or housing for guests, they will not be forced to late at night, to fit in the car and drive to return to their homes. Are diametrically opposed choices, almost always dictated a bit different mindset a bit by the fact that the foreign couple, not having a home of their own, prepares often in villa, where they celebrate the ceremony just a few steps from the latter.