Choose the photographer for your wedding is not easy. Especially because often the spouses do not have the tools to do it. It is based on price, yes; but also on the quality of the images produced. And then what? What to consider? We tend to evaluate what the photographer for weddings in Florence produces. But few people take into account the human side of the trader; the person then. Because the photographer will stay with the couple throughout the day. But how do you figure out if your chosen photographer will indeed be a nice person? You can have next to the couple on a day as important as your wedding in Florence? A few use it as a tool for evaluating the feedback of the bride and groom, who in the past have used already that photographer. When we book a hotel what do we do? We go on Tripadvisor. Well there is photography a tool sinile, portal, where you can find the detailed reviews of the bride and groom passed. Is a great tool that guarantees the future married couple from making bad choices. You can read actual comments on experiences from other couples, whether their marriage has been civil or religious, is a very important added value. Something is narrated by the photographer himself but a chance to experience sensations pecepire by other brides and grooms standing near that photographer.