How to choose your wedding photographer in Florence

hire tuscan photographer reportage natural looking for avaialble flexible italyHow to choose your wedding photographer? What are the factors to consider? He must make beautiful photos and have a cost compatible with our budget of course. But there are other important factors to consider. For example, few couples consider the person. In addition to being a professional photographer is also a person. With a character, an empathic ability. Why are important factors? Because the photographer will stay with you throughout your wedding day. During the preparation, during the ceremony more important than our lives, during the party of the marriage. Who do you want next to you all day? In most special day? Try to give an answer to this question. I think the answer is: a person who I like, a person who inspires confidence. A person who I would want with me at my wedding. Surely the photographer your wedding doesn’t have to be for you a friend. And he must be present only when it is needed. Then must have the ability not to see, not be invasive. And this can only be a good professional. That is educated and available at the same time. It is for this reason that I believe that it is important, when you can go to know the photographer to photograph your wedding. Then you need to be sure that the person you are talking about is the same one that will be present at the wedding. Because it is not always so. Finally remember that images taken represent 70% of the work. The rest is done by the person. That will be in contact with you, your family and your close friends, in the most important day of your life.