how to choose your italian wedding photographer

how to choose your italian wedding photographer? I can explain you here! By now you’ve decided your destination for crown your dream of love will be Italy! And now? Rely on the internet to find everything we need? Or maybe it is better to trust a wedding planner? To this question I answer so: surely if you get married in Italy, and come from a country far away as America and Australia, is definitely the right choice to have a trusted person in Italy, to follow for you all that you are not able to make remote. how to choose your italian wedding photographer

how to choose your italian wedding photographer

Or surely you can not do as a person who lives in Italy and is a professional in the field. And for the photographer? Obviously those planning the wedding for you can suggest its suppliers of trust, but photography is a very personal and subjective aspect, related to the taste of everyone. So? If you are not convinced of what I propose to you, better to look for on But how to choose your Italian photographer for the wedding ? First, I suggest you choose a local photographer: If you get married in Tuscany, choose a photographer for Tuscan wedding, but if you get married in a northern region always choose a local photographer, who knows the area and that does not need to do large displacements to reach you.

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You’ll definitely less problems! Second point: First choose the person, not the photographer! I explain better: try to figure out who this photographer, besides the appearance of the professional. Follow his instagram profile, and see if it is a person who is feeling as close to you and to your lifestyle. This is crucial and will help you to definitely enter more easily in tune with him. Remember that how to choose your wedding photographer in Italy is not a secondary choice: pictures of your wedding are the only real memory that will remain for a lifetime! The choice of the photographer for your wedding in Italy is a very important choice! if you want to take a look at my previous post on my blog see here: