Romantic Tuscany Honeymoon: My Wedding Photos in Montepulciano

A June honeymoon in romantic Tuscany was a clear choice for Canadian newlyweds Monica and Aleks.

The rolling, never-ending landscapes, the soft Tuscan light, the ancient architecture, the generations-old recipes and the wine! This was The place to celebrate their new marriage

Aleks was interested in learning about wine-making so they chose to live in a vineyard agri-turismo. They made friends with the owners, who introduced them to the neighbours and the stories (and wine) started flowing. These conversations will never be forgotten. 

Monica loves exploring old cities and photographing landscapes. Their stay in Montepulciano was a dream come true. Every street became an adventure and the panoramics were just breath-taking.

To truly capture their love for each other and the magic around them, they hired local wedding photographer Duccio Argentini. The photo session was a fun-filled whirlwind of running through fields, hiking up steep streets and twirling in alleyways. The photos really speak for themselves and paint the memories Monica and Aleks took home.

honeymoon session in Montepulciano

honeymoon session in Montepulciano