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Now that the wedding season is almost over, I am taking some time to think of what has happened in these months: nothing especially striking, perhaps, but I was surely enriched as a human being by the people I’ve met. And I am not referring only to my couples, or the people who came to me to be photographed. I cannot possibly thank you all, it’s too many of you, but I would really like to thank you here for choosing me. I started the season with a Mexican couple in February, then couples from the Netherlands, the UK, the US, Canada, Greece, Germany, China, Japan, France, and even from Armenia and the Emirates. Never like this year have I had customers from so many different countries, cultures and traditions, who have all given me something special; because this job is made of the capacity to observe, document and take pictures, but also of human relations, real people and emotions. So, again, I wish to thank you for choosing me and allowing me to do what I do!