Getting married near Florence

wedding in Florence Palazzo Vecchio Sala Rossa town hall civil ceremony Ponte vecchio Piazza Signoria bouquet rings reservation bookMaybe the most of the people don’t know that getting married in Florence in the Red Room has become a luxury for many couples, both foreign and non-resident in the Tuscan town. The town of Florence has in fact increased the rates to be married at the Palazzo Vecchio in disproportionately. The reason? To protect married couples residents, who often had difficulty booking their civil marriage at Palazzo Vecchio. How to get married in Florence? Just choose one of the many surrounding towns the Renaissance city, in order to still be close to the city center and thus be able to enjoy its beauty, without having to spend too much money for a simple civil ceremony. For example you can choose the Municipality of Fiesole, on the hills of Florence about a ten minute drive from the city. Very beautiful and spectacular, being in the countryside. Another small town, very close to Florence is to Sesto Fiorentino. The small town is a few minutes drive from the historic center of Florence and offers a nice room, cozy, with residence times more reasonable. The pair is supplying the village hall for an hour, while the Red Room has the much shorter. Once the ceremony must immediately vacate the room to allow the couple to marry below. Another common is very close to Scandicci. In addition to the town hall you can get married in a civil ceremony at the castle dell’Acciaiolo. The peculiarity is that you can get married in the garden outdoors. The space offers seating for at least 80 people and the environment is very nice and quaint. So if you want to get married in Tuscany and you also want the beauty of the city of Florence, look around. You will surely find a neighboring municipality to the Tuscan capital, which will allow you to enjoy the beauty of Florence.