getting married in tuscany!

tuscan wedding photographer tuscany florence italy venue receptionWith the arrival of spring also marks the start of the wedding season. Many foreign couples are already visiting Italy to define the final details and contact the suppliers that still have not found. And Tuscany has always been one of the most popular Italian regions of our beautiful Italy. There are couples who are in Tuscany for the artistic beauty, while other couples come here just for the beautiful landscapes and climate. We must not forget that Tuscany offers exceptional cuisine, and celebrate their marriage also means coming to the table and enjoy delicious meals. What will be your goal? Florence? Arezzo? Siena? Or maybe a city along the coast? Here in Tuscany has it all: sea, mountains, lakes, hills. Tuscany is a region with a very varied terrain, and you can just walk a few hundred kilometers to completely change scenery and landscape. Wherever you want to choose to celebrate their wedding, we will find what is right for us. Even for the type of locations there are no problems for the choice: either you look for a house is elegant and refined, or you want to stay in a house, no problem. The same applies to the type of ceremony you want to choose. The Tuscany offers country churches, small and simple, or imposing basilicas for the more sophisticated. For who decides to marry a religious rite will have ample choice among the many Tuscan cities like Certaldo, Lucca, Arezzo and many others. Tuscany is connected from the main airports of Florence and Pisa, which are connected with the major capitals of Europe.