Getting married in the morning or in the evening. The opinions of your tuscan photographer

book a tuscan photographer florence pictures album civil ceremony religious wedding marriageCertainly a couple of future couples does not care about how it will be x light photos. They think of Town  Hall, or the needs of distant relatives who may have to start again once the wedding party. wedding photographer thinks instead depending on the light. You already imagine how it could be the photo shoot, if done in the morning instead of the afternoon. The light in the wedding pictures, friend and foe at the same time: so changeable depending on day: soft and warm in the evening, cold to the aggressive approach of noon. the day of full sun, so you want the bride and regarded as mistaken, a beautiful light, conceals significant pitfalls to the wedding photographer . but who needs to realize a reportage of marriage must try to make the best use of what you have. The natural sunlight you can try sweeten with the use of a flash or maybe using the shade of an alley. But in most occasions it documents what happens and where it happens, without having control over the married couple. Try to take good pictures for a wedding in Tuscany, on a warm and sunny July day at lunch time. Once you exit the Hall the bride and groom will want to take pictures outdoors, perhaps in a field of sunflowers. The light is often difficult to manage, with the results is often far from our expectations.

So if I ask a board you already know the answer: the most beautiful light for your wedding in Tuscany is the afternoon!