Getting Married in San Galgano

Getting married in San Galgano Abbey tuscan photographer

Getting married in San Galgano

Getting married in San Galgano Tuscany wedding photographerGetting married in San Galgano Tuscany Italy photographer

Getting married in San Galgano Abbey is to realize a real dream. Many couples know perhaps better the most famous legend of King Arthur and the sword in the stone, but many do not know that the real sword and the legend began from this place in Tuscany, in San Galgano. Only later he was born the legend of King Arthur’s sword, better known as told through books and films.

So if you choose this place to celebrate their tuscan symbolic or civil ceremony, it means immersing yourself in a place full of history and legends, full of charm: the perfect place for a dream of love as their wedding in Tuscany! For those unfamiliar with the place, the Abbey of San Galgano was left to decay around 1700.

What remains of the original abbey is the building structure, without windows they cover. So it is advisable to get married in the summer, because in case of rain you can not repair itself in any way. Getting married in San Galgano means choosing one of the most beautiful places ever, not only in Tuscany but throughout Italy, to realize their wedding in Tuscany. The place where the ‘Abbey is in full campaign. Around only green wheat fields.

The church was built around 1200 but the structure where he lived San Galgano and where it is still planted the sword, the round of Monte Siepi, are even older. in fact, date back to 1000. So if you search alternatives to the classic wedding in Tuscany, with civil ceremony in common or in church, getting married in San Galgano will allow you to go back in time and dreaming in one place in Italy, enabling you to daydream. Even for the picture of couple will not have to go far because the abbey itself will allow you to take dramatic shots inside the church and outside.