Tuscan Country: Getting Married in Certaldo

getting married in Certaldo Alto town hall Tuscany civil ceremony

getting married in Certaldo


getting married in Certaldo Palazzo Pretorio Tuscany Florencegetting married in Certaldo Florence Tuscanygetting married at Certaldo Alto Palazzo Pretoriogetting married in Certaldo town hall TuscanyGetting married in Certaldo is an excellent alternative to the many Tuscan towns where you can get married.

I recommend it because it is a unique place of its kind. Getting married in Certaldo means to celebrate their wedding in a single court of its kind.

Most of the Tuscan town halls are closed and often dark. Certaldo offers the possibility of getting married outdoors and considering that most of the marriages are celebrated in summer, it’s definitely nicer to get married outdoors. Of course it could rain, but in that case there is a church right next to the Palazzo Pretorio, where you can perform the civil ceremony indoors in case it rains. Getting married in Certaldo is definitely a good idea because it allows you to realize your civil ceremony,the pictures of the couple in a wonderful village and rarely crowded with tourists, and to celebrate with friends and family in the many restaurants in the country.

Certaldo is a small town located on top of a hill. It can be reached either by car or with the aid of a cable car. Certaldo is a small medieval village located in the Val d’Elsa, halfway between the cities of Florence and Siena. It ‘a truly magical place, remained intact over the centuries. Small roads that go up and down, overlooked by buildings from the reddish color. Small windows full of colorful flowers and doors that are accessed by climbing some steps. A truly magical village, that of Certaldo! So in conclusion , as a photographer for weddings in Tuscany I can say with absolute certainty that getting married in Certaldo is the best choice that a foreign couple can do. I have worked in so many Tuscan and Certaldo common is what struck me in every sense . Particularly to carry pictures of your wedding in Tuscany is the perfect place . To see an example of a wedding in Certaldo you can watch here .