Lake Garda Weddings Photos: Getting Married In Bardolino

getting married in Bardolino Garda Lake photographer

Getting married in Bardolino


getting married in bardolino lake wedding photographer

Getting married in Bardolino is a great idea if you seek the charm of the Italian lake. Bardolino is a small town on Lake Garda where you can make your wedding in Italy. I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful wedding in Bardolino during the month of August last year. Jakie contact me ‘a few months ago to say he was going to marry her Italian boyfriend. I was very enthusiastic about the idea of making a wedding on Lake Garda. The journey is quite short and in a few hours we reach the town of Bardolino: a small town located on Lake Garda with a lot of shops and many tourists. Just come looking for the apartment where Jackie is preparing. The climate is typical of the wedding with the bride nervous ahead of the ceremony. In apartment his daughter and brother of the bride. I love photographing children at weddings. Their small clothes, their sweetness towards the bride while she know makeup and dresses. They are my favorite actors, the more spontaneous and natural perfect to be photographed. As soon as I made the necessary shots I Dorigo towards the town of Bardolino where the guests are all already gathered waiting the bride. The groom has already arrived and is ready to go into the wedding hall. Finally everything is ready and comes the bride! Crosses the room with his father that the groom delivery. The ceremony was romantic yet fun thanks to some silly sentence told during the civil ceremony. In a few minutes the couple is officially married at last! After the signatures all out partying with the guests! Before the official toast and I newlyweds we move away for a few minutes. We do some picture of couple because every marriage should have the photo of the couple photo service. Getting married in Bardolino means being able to take some beautiful pictures by the lake, against the backdrop of the water with the fascination it produces. After taking some photos of the couple, we realize some group photos with friends and family. Then all together to toast and celebrate the wedding reception.