Getting married in Florence in a rainy day

The dream of a lifetime. Getting married in the most beautiful city in the world : florence . But what if it rains ? The bride and groom can rest easy . Florence is one of the places that are best suited to make a photo shoot in the rain . Starting with the inner courtyards of the Palazzo Vecchio that offer shelter from the rain and then move in the famous Loggia dei Lanzi . Just walk a few hundred meters to find a covered area with a statue of Perseus next to us . Just got off the loggia few meters and we are under the Uffizi Gallery . Even here the ideal situation for the photos of your wedding : natural light and a cover over us that keeps us from getting wet. The loggia called the Pig is a covered space .Moving towards the Ponte Vecchio over the Arno river that carries the bridge there is a covered area along the river perfect for photos of wedding in Florence
Of course we all hope that the day of our wedding does not rain , but if it happens , we can rest easy because the city of Florence offers the right spaces for photos of your wedding .