Gay wedding in Tuscany

Weddings in Tuscany is the dream of many gay couples but unfortunately our laws still do not allow a regular and legally recognized Union. But you know love has no limits, and especially a couple often did not necessarily need an official document in order to feel really connected with the person he loves. It is for this reason that many gay couples choose the romantic Italy and Tuscany to celebrate their wedding. The alternative to an official ceremony is symbolic ceremony. It won’t be a true priest to celebrate and seal their wedding¬†and even the Mayor. But by a celebrant in charge only of symbolic ceremonies. Building together a pair just for them, which reflects their needs; listening to both partners separately to understand their wishes and needs. Will their promises and decide whether to seal their union with the simple exchange of the rings or if maybe lighting of candles. The gay couple will be able to realize their dream of love, maybe on a beautiful Hill in the Tuscan countryside or perhaps atop a tower that views of Florence. Will not miss the pictures of Rite maybe taken by a great photographer specializing in weddings here in the beautiful tuscany!