Wedding Proposal in Florence

Florence, the most romantic city for your wedding proposal

There are many beautiful cities in Italy, such as Venice, Rome and Naples, but perhaps the most romantic and perfect for a wedding proposal is just Florence. Small but yet so majestic, with its streets and squares, Florence is an open air museum, with a concentration of many works of art in a few kilometers.

For the couple who wants to spend a romantic afternoon to declare your love, certainly will not miss the romantic places. Facing the Ponte Vecchio, or at Piazzale Michelangelo, from which you can dominate the whole city. Of course, tourists are many and often can spoil the atmosphere and intimacy of a marriage proposal. But just look for a place a bit ‘less known, such as the Bardini Garden, where the couple will find the right atmosphere for such a special moment.

Even the choice of timetable of your wedding Proposal in Florence is very important!

In the morning the city is semi desert and the light is beautiful. What better time if you do not declare your love at dawn? As a wedding photographer and engagement, I know now the most beautiful and special, where you can take great photos. Every place has the best light at different times, and I know very well the course of the sun with respect to the most charming parts of Florence.

Surely this is one of the reasons to choose a professional photographer who lives in Florence. Who will be able a little over an hour to make you discover the most beautiful places in Florence less known to many. A walk in my company, which is at sunrise or sunset, you will discover places and unexpected perspectives of the city, where I can create for you the pictures of your engagement that will remain forever etched in your memory and in the images that Scatterò for you . To whom, then, he wanted to make the images with the Tuscan countryside, olive groves and vineyards as a backdrop for your photos, simply drive a half-hour drive out of the city and find yourself immersed in a unique landscape.

looking for tuscan professional photographer florence italy exclusive pictures wedding proposal tuscany fiesole next yearFlorence, the most romantic city for your wedding proposal