Engagement shooting on tuscan hills

photogrpahers proposal wedding casole d'elsa italy engagement photos looking for hire bookwedding proposal tuscany florence italy tuscan hillsengagement photos tuscany photographer wedding tuscanyWith the arrival of summer, many foreign couples come to Italy for a holiday. But this trip often hides a purpose: the official engagement of the couple. What better time to take pictures of the couple? Italy and especially the Tuscan cities and landscapes offer very romantic. Perfect for a romantic couple. Usually foreign couples are in Italy a year before the wedding. Most of the time no one knows that the couple I plan to get married. Take pictures of the engagement is a way to formalize the marriage then once back in their country. These are memories that will remain indelible in time through the photos taken in Italy. It 'an event that has a very strong symbolic value for most couples. Florence and the Tuscan hills generally represent for many young people the perfect place to formalize their engagement. Siena, San Gimignano, Certaldo, are just some of the places chosen by many couples. A walk through the streets of Colle Val d'Elsa, or maybe a walk in the vineyards represent an ideal time to declare undying love.