Honeymoon Photos Florence: My Photos In Summer

engagement summer session in Florence Tuscany

engagement summer session Florence


engagement summer session in Florence Italy

engagement summer session in Florence

engagement summer session in Florence

engagement summer session in Florence

For our engagement summer session in Florence we needed a good professional photographer.

My fiancé, Andrea, and I, have been fortunate to travel the world together. Wonderful meals and beautiful sights have made for great memories, many of which we have captured on our cameras. After looking at all of the landscapes, cityscapes, and selfies from our trips, we always end up asking ourselves – wouldn’t it be great to have someone photograph our vacation for us?

Getting engaged about two months before a two-weeks vacation to Italy presented the perfect opportunity – engagement photos abroad! As one of the most romantic cities in the world and Andrea’s host city when she studied abroad in college, we decided on Florence as our location. The vibrant streets, beautiful vistas, and Renaissance architecture of Florence would make for the perfect setting. We just needed to find the perfect photographer.

I identified seven or eight photographers after searching Wedding Wire and Google, but Duccio stood out from the start. Not only does he have an impressive portfolio, but, more importantly, he offers great customer service. His responsiveness was excellent despite the time difference and completely answered all of our questions. We worked together to discuss our vision for the shoot and agreed to meet at the Piazza Duomo.

Duccio put us at ease and helped us relax right away as we began the shoot in front of a large crowd outside of the Duomo. From there we walked around the Piazza della Signoria and through the Vasari Corridor, both of which made for some great pictures. Duccio even stopped us along the way for some spontaneous shots to take advantage of perfect lighting and interesting shadows that he noticed.  It was very hot that day and he also came prepared to help wipe the sweat from our faces.

Duccio then took us up to take some panoramic shots with Florence in the background. Knowing that Piazzale Michelangelo would be very crowded, we went right to an alternate location set within a park that offered even better views of the city and beyond. Without the crowds, Andrea and I were able to focus on each other and Duccio took some amazing pictures!

With the sun setting and the lighting just right, we went back down to the Arno River and finished at the Ponte Vecchio and Ponte Santa Trinita. Duccio was very clever with the way that he captured us together in the middle of a buzzing crowd and with cars whizzing by on the bridge.

It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with Duccio. Andrea and I had a great time and Duccio exceeded all of our expectations. From beautiful sights to intimate moments, we have a ton of beautiful photos that we will enjoy forever.