Engagement in Florence: Romantic Shoots of Ada and Peter

Engagement in Florence: the experience of my service from the couple’s point of view

Ada and I knew each other a number of years back. We joined the same company together, but back then we were not particularly close. I left the company and returned 2 years later, and got back in touch with Ada where we had a chance to understand more about each other. Eventually we got attached after spending a new year’s eve together. It is indeed remarkable that two individuals with rather contradicting personalities could be the life companion of each other, but we are certain that it is destiny that brought us together. We are truly grateful of having each other, and while we became engaged in March last year, we decided that we should mark this celebration at Florence, a place with wonderful sights for engagement pictures.
Researching for photographers in Florence, Duccio’s page caught our eye. His pictures are able to capture the precious moments of couples enjoying themselves around the beautiful city, with spectacular architecture as background. We got in touch with Duccio, his warm reception and eagerness to give us a memorable experience made us very excited about this trip to Florence.
At Florence, Duccio gave us the most welcoming reception possible and he really did give us a wonderful photo-taking experience. With the perfect weather, Duccio took us on a tour around the landmark architecture of the city where he allowed us to relax and make our own postures while snapping the moments in between. We really appreciated the professionalism of his photo-shooting, where he tried to use different angles in each of our postures to capture the best presentation. We were equally impressed by Duccio’s quest for creativity and extraordinary craftsmanship, where he made the best use of reflections and shadows to improvise and create wonderful photos of art which we very much cherish.
Our engagement in Florence was as memorable and enjoyable as it could be. Our wholehearted gratitude to Duccio for every moment in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Engagement in Florence
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Engagement session in Florence tuscany photo shoot