Elyse and Ryan, wedding at Castello di Magona

The backstory of why we wanted to get married in Tuscany is because why not? Ryan had been married once before (as you learned during the ceremony) and I was a guest at his wedding in Philadelphia. When he and I started talking about where we should get married, we thought New York was too expensive so immediately threw that out. I’m from San Diego but I haven’t lived there in 18 years so it isn’t that special to me plus only my parents live there so everyone would have to travel. We couldn’t get married in Philadelphia because then it would be like his first wedding all over again. There was no where else in the US that was special to us so we thought about getting married abroad. We spent 2 weeks in Tuscany the summer of 2016 and loved it. We wanted a fall wedding in a warm place and with the Zika virus being a threat mostly everywhere else, we started looking into Tuscany. We wanted to find a beautiful venue so that we didn’t have to do much decorating and wine is very important to us so we knew we’d be covered there. It all worked out from there.Elyse and Ryan, wedding at Castello di Magona