Outdoor Wedding Photography: Why Choose a Dynamic Photographer

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dynamic tuscan photographer wedding italydynamic wedding photographer italyI’m a dynamic wedding photographer in Tuscany…[ What does surfing have to do with weddings – and why you’d like to know what hobbies your photographer has ]

Did I ever tell you that I’m a passionate surfer?

Well, indeed I am, since many years now. And what is more important I am used to photographing on water.

“But why is that important to me, Duccio? I’m getting married – but not on a surfboard!”

Well, when photographing while you are standing on your surfboard, with the waves ready to knock you over anytime you learn to be quick.

You learn to shoot that image immediately. Because you don’t get a second chance.
The sea can be a lunatic, you know.

This is useful to you as a bride. It means that I can intantaneously capture images like the toast between bride and groom in the very moment she is ready to hand over her bouquet to her bridesmaid and the groom approaches her with a glass of champagne.

You need to BE there to shoot that kind of image. And you need to know on beforehand that you will not get a second chance.

So…what hobby should your photographer have? Should he be collecting stamps from around the world and therefore have patience and calm moods?
Read and be culturally interesting?
Play the piano?

Or should he be a surfer and be on spot and ready before things happen?
It’s your choice.

Here’s to you and your wedding!


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