Duccio Argentini, tireless wedding photographer in tuscany

duccio argentini wedding photographer tuscany florence italytuscan wedding photographer florence italy reportage bride groom shooting ceremonyToday I want to talk about how I work and energy that I use in every wedding service that I realize. Shoot a wedding photographic sevice that excite, means invensting all their energies both physical  and mental, and be ready to seize the moment. So always be present on the scene, but discreetly, without being too pushy. The point of view from which we observe the scene, can completely change the perception of the final image that will be realized. A beautiful picture but trivial can become an extraordinary image, if you fail to make a shot original and different from the others. A picture that you can see in my article shows me at work, inside the Pantheon in Rome. Well you can see the amount of people that are around me and to the bridal couple. But from a very low position with respect to the subject, I was able to to frame the couple excluding all tourists in the scene, which would otherwise have ruined a beautiful photo. This goes to show that often the difference between a good photographer and a breakthrough makes the experience and imagination to create a wedding photography original.