The Most Important Task Of Your Wedding Photographer


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Did you know that the most important task of your wedding photographer isn’t actually to take the photos?

Well, OF COURSE it is important. But your photographer has another role that is almost as important as documenting your special day.

And that is to make sure that you get to spend time with your family and friends during that day.

If your photographer has a big ego, the risk is that he (or she) will keep you away from the party for a long time in order to shoot that extremely important image that will allow him (or her) to maybe win a contest. Not because you actually need that photo or because you look especially flattering – just because he (or she) wants to try out something new.

On your special day you are my boss and you have all the rights in the world to go back to your guests to have fun. A professional photographer is able to catch the images he (or she) needs to tell your story very quickly so that you can get back to partying.

The two of you are the stars of this day. Not the photographer. That is why I have to be able to pay respect to the time table that is layed out for the day and lay away my ego.

Here is to your wedding.