How To Pick A Wedding Venue In Tuscany

Tuscany is very generous with its selection of venues, but today I would like to mention the kind of venues that can be chosen.

Other than the typical Renaissance villas scattered all around, you can choose a historical venue with architectural details that make it resemble a castle, such as the Castle of Vincigliata, just off Florence in the Fiesole district.

For less formal couples, the Tuscan countryside offers a wide range or rural B&Bs, the typical agriturismo, although it is sometimes hard to find one sleeping all your guests, and an inside plan B in case of rain, whose importance I cannot stress enough.

If you are not interested in accommodation on the premises, you can choose the many restaurants that offer grounds for outdoors cocktails but also for the wedding ceremonies, always a preferred option of foreign couples, but now also of the locals.

Check Casa Masi for your outdoors ceremony, and enjoy their wonderful cuisine.

To sum it up, choosing a venue depends on where you are as well as on its facilities, but it really looks like lately most couples are selecting venues that are very different from the typical Tuscan villa.