Top Italian Places For Your Wedding Proposal: Why Choose Tuscany

If you’re looking for romantic proposal ideas in Italy choose Tuscany for your wedding proposal If you’re wondering why there you are, ready for you the reasons! First, because Tuscany is one of the most romantic regions across Italy: if you really do not want to choose the city of Florence, perhaps surpassed only by Venice in terms of romance, with the Ponte Vecchio for your wedding proposal in Tuscany, then you can choose a beautiful sunset over the Chianti vineyards! It all depends on your confidence: not all couples love to be surrounded by a group of tourists fascinated and intrigued applaud in front of a scene so romantic.

choose tuscany for your wedding proposal-

choose Tuscany for your wedding proposal

Definitely choose Tuscany for your wedding proposal will allow you to choose among many different places if you do not like confusion, but one place in the world, you’ll be making your wedding proposal such as the Abbey of San Galgano, famous for his sword in the stone. I could hardly imagine such a place rich in charm and history of that. If you love nature, you can choose a different place of all: a cliff overlooking the sea. If you like to stay close to the historic cities such as Pisa and Florence, the Livorno coast offers breathtaking views! A beautiful stretch of rocky coast that drops sheer to the sea.

florence-wedding-proposal-photographer A romantic dinner in a typical Italian restaurant could complete your wedding proposal in Tuscany. If you love wildlife, you can choose the sea of the Maremma, in the southernmost part of Tuscany, away from the cities and from the event, where nature reigns supreme. Then click the Tuscan for your wedding proposal is definitely the best choice you can do: Tuscany is a relatively small region, but that collects in a few hundred kilometers so many completely different landscapes such as sea, mountains, hills and art City. Do not you find out who is the most suitable place to you, that surely will among all those present! If you want to take e look another article like this see here: