wedding photographer tuscany florence italy children album civil ceremony religious blessing symbolicI love children and photograph them. Are the spontaneity made person, without veils, without filters. As long as we can photograph them without noticing it! Or photographing them when they are intent in an activity so absorbed by the latter that not even the camera can distract them. Are almost everywhere: we find them in the preparation of the bride, the ceremony with the pillows of the rings. Always present at the cutting of the cake, often do not resist and toss ahead of time in tastings, often severely punished by spouses or guests. Children who fall asleep everywhere, even on a lawn near the ceremony in full swing. In short, I believe that a marriage without the latter is lacking something. During both the marriages of Italian and foreign couples, I found many young guests to photograph: of course it’s not always just firm. Often they are hiding because they do not want to be photographed or just for fun: try to click me a photo if you can!