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Photographer for your Wedding in Certaldo

I’m based in Florence but work throughout Tuscany such as in Certaldo.

Certaldo has always been wonderful because of its affectionate settings. It is really famous for weddings due to this reason. This town is the wedding planners choice for those who want a venue which involves the classic Italian cuisine, panoramic views, and Italian history.

There’s so much exquisite art and architecture and it’s tough to know where to begin to make a story through photos.

If you need a romantic wedding locations which feels like a fairy tale, I propose Certaldo. It’s been a choice of many celebrities as well.

I will be happy to be able to photograph your wedding in Certaldo simply because this place represents the very essence of Tuscany, evocative in all its diverse factors and holds so many natural and artistic beauties, a romantic image which you won’t forget even long after your return home.

Certaldo is a little town in Tuscany located half way
between Florence and Siena, in the center of Val d’Elsa.

It was part of one of the numerous fortifications made by Alberti throughout the Val d’Elsa, to avoid the expanding policy of the Florentine Republic. From the numerous archaeological finds recovered in the surrounding areas, we know that the origins of the village are Etruscan. It seems that the country was built on the remains of an agricultural village. The first official documents date back to 1100, in which Frederick Barbarossa refers to the site as the Castle of Certaldum. Given its strategic importance to the passage in the area of ​​the Francigena Street, it led to the construction of a feudal fortification. From the village you can reach the highest part of the country, Certaldo Alto.

This is the ancient part, perfectly preserved, and certainly one that deserves a visit from the visitor who comes to Tuscany. The predominant color is the orange one, typical brick color covering most of the houses and palaces of Certaldo Alto. The Tuscan hamlet is a line of alleys that cross the main road. There are notable monuments such as the Church of Saints Tommaso and Prospero, of medieval origin and today devoted. Like other villages in the area the country is really a jewel. The houses have colored doors, which are often accessed with a series of steps. On the facade of each house open windows with balconies rich in colorful flowers.

So many typical places where to eat and drink. All around the promontory that houses the inhabited center, the land is cultivated with vineyards or grain fields

Certainly less touristy than most popular places such as San Gimignano or Montepulciano, this place does not disappoint those who visit it. As soon as you walk into the small hamlet, we are in the main street leading to Palazzo Pretorio. This is the seat of the commune, where the civil marriages of many couples, both Italian and foreign, are celebrated. The particularity of Palazzo Pretorio is that the ceremony takes place in the open air. The court that is just past the entrance door hosts hundreds of weddings each year. The place is really impressive, with its decorated walls, a small well on the back of the court. The palace has a museum inside and has interesting contemporary exhibitions. Once the ceremony has ended, the couple wanting to make a photo service can walk past the garden and reach the walls, with views of the Tuscan countryside.

I will there catch the essence of Certaldo, spectacular views on the rolling hills of Tuscany that make this corner of paradise unique and special for your Italian weddings.

I will catch the spirit of the occasion with many different scenarios and remarkable photographs in a perfect mix of reportage and artistic styles.

My job would be to find the most romantic settings for a cinematic photography and capture the love and joy of Your day through top natural expressions. Just remember to be yourself always.

I use best equipment and essential gear as an expert to serve my customers. My top photography equipment would be my reliable tool to applaud your beautiful hair and makeup at your wedding.

I will help you in advance by:

  1. Looking for examples of wedding pictures or albums that you may find on Pinterest or Facebook
  2. Creating a listing of Certaldo should have shots
  3. Select the best time of the day to shoot post photographs with low stress.

Now, what makes me the best choice for you among other Certaldo Wedding photographers.

Let me photograph the Best Day of your Life in Certaldo. On Your wedding Day, I’ll leave you to enjoy your happy time with your family and friends so you could relax and do not think about photography at all.

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