Certaldo, amazing location in Tuscany to getting married

wedding certaldo altto photographer photos photographic service italy florenceWedding in Tuscany is beautiful everywhere, but there are some places more beautiful than others Certaldo high is one of these . It is part of the province of Florence and is about an hour's drive from the capital . Certaldo is located on a hill and can be reached either by car or by cable car that connects the lower part of town with that high . Less known than other most famous locations such as San Gimignano , the beautiful town is really a small pearl . The small streets that you can walk inside the country offer countless wonderful views for newlyweds who want to take memorable photos with beautiful landscapes . The Praetorian Palace is characterized not by the classical community hall , but by a court in the open very characteristic . A romantic and intimate venue for your civil ceremony in Tuscany . Without having to move the machine with the town offers many typical restaurants to celebrate with family and friends the celebration of their marriage . Uncrowded compared to many other Tuscan villages , Certaldo is one of the places that I prefer to make my wedding photography services .