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  • Engagement in Florence - The lesser-know places

  • The lesser-known places on your engagement in Florence.  You can show them myself. Of course Florence is a beautiful city and seemingly easy to photograph. But often the pictures that you see is the internet you look a bit. Why? Because sometimes you need to discover new places, but most new perspec[...]
  • wedding in Ulignano, Tuscany

  • wedding in Ulignano, Tuscany! “Ben and I knew each other from a distance. We met while studying hospitality at Cornell University but did not get the chance to spend much time together.As fate would have it, Ben followed his passion into food and beverage. So he was asked to be the general manage[...]
  • wedding photographer in Italy

  • Hi, I'm a wedding photographer in Italy I'm a professional photographer and I live and work in Tuscany. But I like to travel and take pictures in new places. If you need a wedding photographer in Italy I'm ready to travel to the place you have chosen for your ceremony. If you arrived at my blog you[...]
  • 5 Things to know for your engagement session in Tuscany

  • 5 Things to know for your engagement session in Tuscany . I'll explain myself. when a new couple decides to make a engagement session in Florence, it poses some questions. One of the questions is: where? ie in which places will bring us the photographer? I like Florentine photographer I know perfec[...]
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