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San Gimignano is a country located in the province of Siena. Its origins seem to date up to 63 BC, when two patricians settled in the area where the country rises today and built two castles, one of which gave rise to the construction of today’s country. The name of the medieval village appears to have been due to the bishop of Volterra, who was called San Geminiano.

The town of San Gimignano seems to have even Etruscan origins, witnessed by archaeological finds dating back to that period. San Giovanni expanded to declare itself free around 1200. Around 1300 it reached its maximum economic splendor. From that moment on, he lost his autonomy and independence, before being ruled by the neighboring city of Florence. From that moment on, San Gimignano falls in decline. Many inhabitants abandoned the town and even the famous towers are dropped in degradation. It starts, from now on for several centuries, a dark time for the town. Perhaps that is why when the restorations begin around the year 800, the main structures are almost unaltered over time by the absence of previous restorations.

San Gimignano is famous mainly for its towers, which are also noticed at a great distance, especially because the town rises above a 330 meter high hill. Today there are 13 towers, but it seems that there were 72 in the past. The tower was built by the wealthy families because the tower was a symbol of economic power. Building a tower was not a simple thing: lots of material from the quarries was needed, so extraction and transport were synonymous with high costs. Among other things, living inside a tower was not really comfortable. The rooms were very small, about one meter by two, and they often did not have windows. The only big advantage was the thermal insulation offered by the thick walls, which created warm, warm and hot summer environments. The layout of the rooms was very simple and followed the rules of safety: the kitchen was placed higher because the fire was on fire. While the rooms were halfway, and to end up on the ground floor there was the shop.

The village of San Gimignano is more or less halfway between the cities of Siena and Florence. One thing to point out is the passage of Francigena Street, which contributed to the trade and tourism produced by the travelers.

Today San Gimignano is one of the most popular tourist destinations that come from around the world to admire the famous towers, recognizable even at great distances. Also many couples affected by the beauty and charm of the village decide to celebrate here their wedding. There are several churches within the walls, which can celebrate religious rite. Alternatively, you can choose the civil ceremony by moving to the ancient palace, which houses a beautiful frescoed room. Alternatively, you can celebrate the civil ceremony in the courtyard of the municipal building.


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