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Choose San Galgano Abbey for your Wedding in Tuscany

The Cistercian Abbey of San Galgano is part of a monastic complex which also includes the hermitage of Montesiepi. Built around 30 km from the city of Siena in the town of Chiusdino in 1200, San Galgano is well-known around the world, especially for the fascination associated with the legend of the sword in the rock. Many associate the legend of the sword with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, but it seems that San Galgano, the protagonist of this story, is the true and only knight, supported by a true sword stuck in the rock.

San Galgano Abbey - Wedding in TuscanyGalgano was the only son born of the marriage of Guidotto and Dionisia, the noble family of Guidotti. Galgano was an exuberant young man who liked the good life. Parents who dreamed of a different future for their son were worried. Devotees to the Archangel Michael, prayed him every day in the hope that his son would change. One day, Galgano’s father died. The very night the young man made a dream that greatly disturbed him. The next morning he told him that he had dreamed the archangel with a sword in his hand, who commanded him to dress as a knight and to follow him. But despite the dream his life continued as before. But after some time he had a new vision, where the archangel invited him to follow him.

Passing a narrow bridge reached a clearing where he encountered the 12 apostles, who showed him crucified God explaining to him that he would return to earth at the end of the world. But the strongest vision that San Galgano had was during a journey to find his future wife. During the journey, the archangel appeared again to him, faced with his sword in his hand and his glittering eyes. Galgano scared and fell from horse.

Wedding in San Galgano TuscanyHe took his sword in his thoughts and pulled his sword into the rock. The branches of the trees above the sword bent to form an arc. From that day Galgano became a hermit, dedicated to God. Montesiepi hermitage is where San Galgano lived his last year of life. It dates back to 1100 and was built before the Cistercian abbey, built around 1300 and inhabited by monks. Around 1500, the plague struck the abbey extinguishing all the monks. It appears that after the plague within the Abbey there was only one monk. From here began the slow decline of San Galgano. An attempt was made to restore but was not successful. Later it was sold to the roof guard, which led to the acceleration of the process that led to the complete ruin.

San Galgano, apart from being a complex that attracts hundreds of tourists every year, is a place where you can celebrate your wedding. Of course the abbey has been disenchanted, so only civil or symbolic ceremony.

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