Best Wedding Photography Locations in Tuscany: Pienza

Wedding Location in Val d’Orcia, Tuscany: Pienza

The Val d’Orcia is a wide Valley of Tuscany ideal for wedding photography, in the province of Siena and partly in that of Grosseto, in the North and East of Mount Amiata and close to the border with Umbria. Crossed by the River Orcia in the Middle, which gives her the name, is characterized by pleasant landscapes and panoramas from various medieval centres, two of which are well known as Pienza and Montalcino.

Destination covered by many pairs of prospective brides and grooms for the beauty of its landscapes. Stunning colors backdrop to many weddings often set outdoors, in the gardens of a farmhouse or villa. Even the churches are plentiful in this area, welcoming so married couples who choose the religious rite. Wedding photographs that you can take in this beautiful landscape are unique. Rows of cypress trees along the so-called white roads, perfect for documenting the couple after their ceremony in Tuscany.

Wedding location in Val d'Orcia Tuiscany, Pienza
I am Duccio Argentini, Tuscan wedding photographer I’m based in Florence but work throughout Tuscany such as in Val d’Orcia and Pienza.

My passion is traveling Italy for weddings and above all I love weddings in Tuscany because of its beauty, the endless wineries, the rolling hills…. the list is never ending. Hire me for your Tuscany wedding ceremony and I will shoot your photos in a perfect mix of reportage and creative styles. Take a look and enjoy my latest works as Italian photographer of marriage, the most special memories of my top stylish wedding days. Imagine your future Italian wedding with my style, a thoughtful approach looking for romantic lights and natural moments.

The story of this small town located in Val d’Orcia is closely linked to the figure of Pope II. The city of Pienza originally was a small hamlet, Corsignano. Here was born Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who will one day become Pope ii. During his pontificate he made a trip to the city of Mantua and casually passed right from the village of Corsignano, his native country. The village was degraded to such an extent that the Pope decided to bring it to a new life. In fact, the country was not very much because the Pope did the great thing by hiring architects Bernando Rossellino who made a new architectural project, and so the current city of Pienza was born.

The city reflected the typical fifteenth-century canons, which remained unaltered for hundreds of years. Even today the city of Pienza has remained virtually unchanged with respect to the project of the time. Today, the city of Pienza is part of UNESCO’s cultural heritage, for the beauty and architectural richness that today represents for the whole world. This happened in 1996. The same fate is touched by the Val d’Orcia, which since 2004 has also become part of the goods protected by Unesco. Always speaking of Pope II, he seems to be a rather weird character, compared to other church men of the time. Although there was a famous architect, the Pope followed the city’s work personally.

In this regard, we notice a very curious architectural element in the main square of the city: a stone rod, as the little ones call it, namely the inhabitants of Pienza. This rod is a travertine ring placed almost in the center of the square. Today it is used to place the melt, during the cacio fair. The melt is a rather old game. But the true meaning of this ring and its position is much more complex. The message the Pope wanted to send through this architectural element was strictly philosophical and linked to his vision of architecture as a universal science. The opening to the center of the church’s façade, called oculus, is also part of this complex and mysterious project. According to studies by Professor Queysanne, the two architectural elements are closely linked to each other. If we could project the facade on the square, we would see how the two elements would fit perfectly together.

Pienza is a well-known city all over the world and therefore the destination of many tourists who visit it every year for its artistic beauties. Pienza is also the destination of many couples in love who come here to get married, too. It’s also called the city of love. If you have any doubts, you will only have to travel through the streets of the city: you will find the way of love, the way of kiss and the way of fortune!

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