Beautiful Places to get married in Florence

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An amazing list of places where you can get your wedding in Florence.

Make sure you select a venue offering a suitable plan B in the event the weather on your wedding day turns foul If your wedding is not religious in church, and you don’t want to celebrate your legally-binding wedding at Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio, there are plenty of other venues, such as the Rose Garden on the Florentine hill overlooking the Cathedral of Florence. The Rose Garden, Giardino delle Rose, is one of the venues the municipality has opened for outdoors legally-binding ceremonies.

If you are opting for a symbolic ceremony, a very intimate wedding can be held on a tiny terrace on the top floor of a jewel store of the Ponte Vecchio, where you can enjoy the view of the river and of the beautiful monuments all around. Another perfect venue for your symbolic ceremony in Florence is Colle Ginevra, a holiday home a stone’s throw from the Piazzale Michelangelo; this quiet B&B offers the perfect garden with a splendid view of the town. Villa Le Fontanelle is another historical villa with a view, perfect for a wedding. In the XV century, the Villa became one of the properties of the Medici family and Cosimo de’ Medici donated it to Marsilio Ficino, famous member of the Florentine Humanism, who translated the Platonic codes in this villa that exudes history, and offers the perfect grounds for your wedding in Florence. Villa Tolomei is another elegantly romantic venue that was built in the 18th century on the Florentine hill of Marignolle in a dominating position overlooking all of Florence.

Turned into an elegant five-star hotel, the villa proudly keeps some antique traits such as the original frescoes, matching them with the comfort required for a pleasant stay, such as the swimming pool and the spa. Villa Tolomei offers twenty hectares of land enriched by its splendid Italian gardens. And finally, the Bardini Gardens, a beautiful green area carved out of the hills overlooking the old town. Walking distance from the Ponte Vecchio, the park is located on the left side of the river Arno. The whole area is especially beautiful, with its pedestrian paths that take to Villa Bardini, an exhibition center of modern art that is part of the property. Villa Bardini also offers a Michelin-starred restaurant, La Leggenda dei Frati. The four-hectare Bardini Gardens cover an area spanning from Piazzale Michelangelo almost right to the river Arno and it is one of the historical gardens of the city of Florence. Make sure you walk all its staircases, admire the statues, the fountains and the grottos, definitely an ideal venue for your Florentine wedding.

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