An August engagement photoshoot in Cinque Terre, Italy

An August engagement photoshoot in coastal Cinque Terre was a perfect fit for Canadian couple Kristen and Jordan. Kristen and Jordan wanted engagement photos that would stand out and stand the test of time. They needed a location unlike any other and an engagement photographer that could capture it. The colourful, cliff-side town of Manarola was a perfect setting for their shoot. Only the wedding photographer Duccio Argentini, with his vibrant and energetic yet sophisticated style, could fully capture the town’s unique charm and their love and devotion.

Jordan enjoys imagining how it’d be to live in far-off places. He travels to relax in a new city and experience its local culture. Kristen the more adventurous of the two, travels to have unforgettable experiences and venture off the beaten path. They chose Manarola not just for its beauty, but for its unhurried lifestyle, lack of tourists at night, and nearby hikes and tours. Few places could fit them both so well. Duccio not only perfectly captured Kristen and Jordan’s engagement trip in Manarola, he gave them an unforgettable experience that was the highlight of their vacation. The couple loved exploring the hidden, vertical pathways of Manarola with Duccio, and will look back on their time there fondly for years to come. If you are looking for the best season and the best spot for your love session, An August engagement photoshoot in coastal Cinque Terre is the right choice for you.

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An August engagement photoshoot in coastal Cinque Terre