Elopement in Italy: American Wedding In Florence

Elopement in Italy: An American Wedding In Florence, Tuscany

Missy and Justin are a young American couple born and raised in Texas, one of the hottest areas in the United States. They had been dreaming of a wedding in Italy, in the green rolling hills of Tuscany, and after an internet search, they found the perfect spot in the Florentine hills to celebrate their love.

An elopement in Florence, the city of love, in the cradle of the Renaissance

Villa Le Piazzole, a stone’s throw from the city center, the perfect venue for a simple, elegant wedding. No relatives, no friends, an elopement in Florence, the city of love, in the cradle of the Renaissance, for an intimate ceremony held by an Italian-American celebrant, Jo Bertolino from Tuscanpledges. Jo writes incredibly romantic symbolic ceremonies in Florence, Tuscany and travels all over Italy. Everything is ready for the wedding; the groom is nervously waiting for his bride who finally arrives. Their first look is filled with love and complicity and the emotion they share is perceptible.

Eventually, the symbolic ceremony in the gardens of the villa begins and the most touching moment is when they exchange the vows they had written on cards, promising to love each other forever. The sand ritual that follows sees the bride and groom pouring colored sands in a small glass bottle. The colored layers are united, but separated, symbolizing how in their marriage they will become a unity formed by two separate individuals, and their spaces and identities will be preserved despite being in a married relationship. Now it’s time to exchange the rings, after which they sign the symbolic parchment and exchange their first kiss as a married couple. This is a symbolic ceremony, it will have no legal or religious validity, but what really counts are the vows they exchanged, promising eternal love.

Now we can finally dedicate some time to the bridal shooting, as never like in this case they are significant, as no friends or relations are here to witness this wedding held in Florence. Therefore, the only way this couple can remember their wedding in Florence is through their memories and the photos taken by a good professional photographer. The villa offers its great Italian gardens, but most of all a spectacular Tuscan vineyard illuminated by this sunny July afternoon. I take several great shots without disturbing the couple, just observing and capturing their emotion through the best late afternoon light. The sun is almost setting on Florence, and my job as wedding photographer in Florence is done. I say goodbye to this couple and hope they will be able to come back to the wonderful city of Florence.

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