A day with the Russian blogger Kamilla Anvarova

Kamilla contacted me some time ago via Instagram asking if I wanted to work with her. She is a blogger, she travels a lot, and her next stop was going to be Florence. I accepted immediately, enthusiastic about this new partnership, mainly because Kamilla lives in Russia and therefore she could lead new contacts towards me. Our meeting was scheduled for Monday morning in Piazza della Signoria. For the occasion Kamilla also bought a beautiful new dress! She was very surprised by the large turnout of tourists although it was only the beginning of Spring. Indeed we struggle a bit to find a Florentine corner that was not invaded by tourists. Luckily in the end we managed to get beautiful shots together. Especially in the Uffizi Gallery area, where the morning sun rays filter from above, creating lovely light effects. Kamilla seemed to be very comfortable and after an hour we are already satisfied with the photographic material. We said goodbye, in the hope to meet again, maybe in Russia!A day with the Russian blogger Kamilla AnvarovaA day with the Russian blogger Kamilla Anvarova