The bride’s bouquet and flowers in Tuscany

the bouquet is the last element, the appearance that concludes the engagement cycle. Not surprisingly, represents the last groom’s tribute in honor of the bride.
Although the bride herself having to choose so that it matches your dress, tradition has it that the groom do deliver in the morning at the House of the bride.
In some countries it is even the groom’s mother to give it.
At the end of the reception, the bride must throw your bouquet among all unmarried girls present at the wedding: who will grab it would marry within the year.
The custom of wedding bouquet is very ancient, and to understand the origins, you must refer to the Arab tradition. Here tradition, born as wish to have numerous offspring, was that the bride on the day of their wedding, was adorned with orange blossom, white and white.
The ancient Egyptians instead, decorated the bride of fragrant flowers and herbs spices, as defense against evil spirits.
These are small curiosity concerning the bouquet, which many people do not know! But how to choose it? What flowers to use to dial? Depends on the style of marriage as a whole and by season. For weddings in Tuscany, more specifically in Florence, if a bride wants to tie their bouquets to the place where he married can choose the iris as the main flower. The iris is the flower that represents the city of Florence, although the symbol is represented by a red iris, but until today no one has managed to achieve a real iris red, but only viola, which among other things is the color of the team of the city of Florence. I as a photographer you weddings in Florence and in Tuscany, I do a lot of attention to the color or colors of flowers: the flowers can create a pleasant contrast and color games in wedding photos, with a strong advantage in the final result I got.